Cultural programs
  • Musicians for Europe
  • The project took place in Sibiu as Violin International Master Course format and was addressed both renowned violinists and young violinists living and studying in Romania and abroad who want to know and better understand Romania and the Romanian culture from inside. In accordance with the principles that the Foundation for Pluralism promotes, this project brought in the same cultural space young musicians living in Europe, Asia and America.
    The 40 participants were students, 22 from Romania and 18 from Switzerland, Argentina, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Russia, Japan, United Kingdom, China, Greece and Germany

  • Young musicians at Gradina Verona
  • Carturesti bookstores, the Foundation for Pluralism and the National University of Music Bucharest will offer a series of seven concerts outdoors in an unconventional space in the heart of Bucharest, the Verona Garden.
    Between September 10 - 16, starting at 5 PM, young musicians, students of the School of Music George Enescu will perform recitals and concerts, accompanied by the pianist Smaranda Ilea.
    Promoting artists at the beginning of their road is an important goal of the Foundation for Pluralism and is why we want to present young musicians, winners of numerous competitions at national and international level. Students are studying with teachers Olivia Papa, Carmen Runceanu and Cesar Marin (Violin), Liviu Georgescu (guitar), Carmen Asfadurian and Traiana Sabin (piano) and Anna Maria Cretan (Chamber Music).
    The concerts organized in partnership with the Carturesti bookstore and the National University of Music Bucharest will be an opportunity to delight all lovers of classical music and a pleasant surprise for those who have different musical preferences.

  • Baricada 2112
  • In 2009 Europe commemorated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain and recalled the events so emotional and dramatic in those days. Unlike other Eastern bloc countries, Romania had to pay with many lives regaining national dignity, democracy and freedom of opinion.
    Since 2007 Romania joined the European Union, but for the first time in 20 years our country has the opportunity to remind the world the events of December and courage that citizens of this country have demonstrated in front of communist repression.
    At this point we believe it is time to go back for a moment to the sacrifice of the heroes of that day and turn them into a sacrifice of pride, celebration and acceptance of the past in order to move forward with the head up.
    Young people today need to know the past to understand the present and building the future.

  • Young musicians in dialogue
  • Foundation for Pluralism in partnership with the Art Museum of Prahova County -"Ion Ionescu-Quintus" runs the cultural education project "Young musicians in dialogue” from May to October 2013. The project is funded by The Administration of the National Cultural Fund and aims to meet the cultural needs of local communities, in particular those with limited access to culture, to be in contact with Romanian and universal cultural values.
    Six cultural events are organized in the form of chamber recitals, coupled with public lectures supported by well known personalities in the local community. The six events held in Bucharest and Prahova County (Ploiesti, Busteni and Sinaia), and the public access to these events is free.
    The project promotes young musicians aged between 14 and 28 years old at the beginning of their career (including onset artistic), and public readings in cultural spaces non-formal, supported by prominent leaders of the communities targeted by the project.
    The project leverages the potential of young musicians (students, graduates, masters or PhD) to be involved in increasing public access to culture and personal desire to affirm and express music.