Civic education programs
  • The Future Is Up To You
The program was a national campaign to inform and educate young people that have just reached voting age, regarding their rights and responsibilities as citizens.
FfP has sent over 600,000 informational packages containing the Romanian Constitution, a message from the president of Romania, a presentation of the foundation?s programs and one of the programs and activities of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The purpose of this one year program was the initiation of debates and public meetings, through which groups of citizens were able to express their opinions and politicians made public their political agendas. FfP has organized a debate regarding the necessity of a new strategy of education for democracy and the role the nongovernmental organizations and their financers should assume in the future considering the voting intentions of the citizens in the 2000 elections. The project was designed to include six training sessions and information on topics of interest, focusing primarily on citizen access to information and increasing youth involvement in public life.
During the sessions participants the brochure Romanian Constitution was disseminated and discussed various issues of general interest on the law of the nominal vote in 2012.