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Program funded by IDEE

Activity Plan

A white paper on civic and political education issues based on November 2000 elections

A white paper concerning the results of the elections and the civic and political education issues arising from November 2000 election will be drafted by the Foundation for Pluralism. The role of the paper will be to insure a disciplined and focused discussion on the two main questions:

"Do we need a strategy for democratic education?" and " What are the roles of the public and non-governmental organizations in this strategy?"

The paper will be distributed to the main sociological studies institutes, think tanks, newspapers, grant making foundations.

The round table

A roundtable concerning the need of a strategy for education for democracy in Romania will be organized by The Foundation for Pluralism at mid February 2001. The opinions and the research results of the analysts will be shared with the participants.

The discussions intensely moderated, will need to answer several questions:

  • Do we have sufficient data at present to explain the results of the elections? If not, what else needs to be found out? How much does it cost? Who can do it?
  • Is there a need for a special effort in education for democracy? Or are these results an expression of a regular behavior?
  • If additional efforts for democratic education are needed, do we need a strategy as well? There are actors in Romania willing to implement such a strategy?
  • If yes, who can do it? Who should do it? Will anyone do it?