In 2009 Europe commemorated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain and recalled the events so emotional and dramatic in those days.
Unlike other Eastern bloc countries, Romania had to pay with many lives regaining national dignity, democracy and freedom of opinion.

Since 2007 Romania joined the European Union, but for the first time in 20 years our country has the opportunity to remind the world the events of December and courage that citizens of this country have demonstrated in front of communist repression.
At this point we believe it is time to go back for a moment to the sacrifice of the heroes of that day and turn them into a sacrifice of pride, celebration and acceptance of the past in order to move forward with the head up.
Young people today need to know the past to understand the present and building the future.

Foundation for Pluralism in partnership with Paul Cozighian Productions organizes a complex artistic event to take place even in the evening of December 21, 2009 in Bucharest, near the Intercontinental Hotel in the same place at the same time, where, in 1989, anti-Communist demonstrators raised a barricade against the dictatorial regime.
The event involves building a barricade scene on the exact spot in 1989, where Romanian of international performers will take part in a show, "homage to the arts," those who sacrificed and gave their lives for our freedom.

he movie "2112" conducted by Paul Cozighian the night of December 21, 1989 takes 30 minutes and will be presented to the public by the producer and director Paul Cozighian in preview, Thursday, December 10 at 19:00 at the Culture House Students Bucharest (room Arts, second floor).
Audience at this event will be able to ask questions of the author.
Admission is free.

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Published: December 16, 2009 Posted in: News

Paul Cozighian si Cocor MediaChannel rememoreaza momente istorice ale Revolutiei din 1989

After 20 years, Paul Cozighian comes back home and footage unveils 21 December 1989.