The School for Young Political Leaders from Romania and Serbia
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Program funded by America's Development Foundation
Silviu Vladislav - Buliding effective group coalitions
Paul Baran - Negotiation and mediation techniques
Miljenko Dereta - Communication and negotiations
Romeo Cretu - Decision-making
Alexandra-Luminita Petrescu - Effective communication
Dubrovka Velat - Strategic planning

Module 1, March 30 - April 1

Silviu Vladislav, Miljenko Dereta, Alexandra-Luminita Petrescu

Silviu Vladislav 

Silviu Vladislav is a human resources consultant for Human Resources Development (HRD). He works with various companies offering consulting services, assisting with selection and training processes. He develops and delivers training courses, holds group and individual psychotherapy sessions, performs psychological tests on candidates applying for a job position.

Since March 1998, as an HRD consultant, Silviu Vladislav has been developing and delivering training course on: effective communication, team-building, creativity, relaxation, problem-solving, negotiation, leadership, strategic thinking for success, sales. He has extensive experience in personnel selection and often takes part in implementation plans for organization development.

In 1996 Silviu Vladislav was one of the founding members of the Romanian Society for Experimental Psychotherapy Society. He holds group psychotherapy sessions for university students in Psychology. He ensured the psychotherapeutic treatment for over 80 cases. Between 1997-1999, he made the psychological evaluation of candidates to the Movie and Theater Academy.

Between 1996-1998, Silviu Vladislav worked as expert psychologist with the Research - Forecast Department of the Ministry of Interior. He made research on criminality, the Satanist phenomenon in Romania, and developed studies of criminal personality for special cases of homicide.

Since 1992 he has been leading training courses on communication, team-building, problem-solving, strategic thinking for success, project management and sales. He was a trainer for companies such as: SOS, Bucharest Construction Company, Mercury, Allied Domeq, RADET, Nederlanden, Policolor, the Research and Technology Ministry.

Silviu Vladislav has an M.A. in psycho-diagnosis and psychotherapy with the Bucharest University, Department of Psychology. At present he is working on his Ph.D. thesis.

Miljenko Dereta   top

Miljenko Dereta is the Executive Director of Civic Initiatives, a nonprofit organization based in Belgrade, which mission is to strengthen civil society through civic education, promotion of democracy and support of active citizenship.

Between1997-1999 he developed in partnership with the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe(IDEE) the program Breaking Barriers-Building Bridges and he worked directly with more than 140 non-governmental organizations from 38 cities from Serbia and Montenegro. The goal of Civic Initiatives is to create a network of civic democratic organizations as a base for substantial long-term changes in Serbia.

Miljenko Dereta was the initiator and coordinator of "We must to change to get back to Europe"campaign that promoted the need for change to achieve European values. The campaign covered 25 cities in Serbia and represented a support for the opposition protests. Later the campaign evolved into the pro election campaign IZLAZ 2000 (EXIT 2000) that largely contributed to the victory of the Serb opposition in the last year elections.

He is also a member of the Main Board of Social Democratic Union. Between 1993-1996 Miljenko Dereta was the President of the Executive Board of Civic Alliance of Serbia (CAS) and a member of the CAS delegation to Paris in 1994.

He was a candidate in the Parliamentary Elections in 1990 for the Reformist Party and the United Yugoslav Democratic Initiative (the first official opposition organization in Yugoslavia). He is a member of the Belgrade Circle.

Before 1989 Miljenko Dereta used to be a free lance film and TV director. After 1989 he was creative director in several advertising agencies. He won domestic prizes for advertising and he became a finalist in New York, Lugano and Florence Festivals. He trained nongovernmental activists in PR and basic advertising with Tim TRI organization.

Miljenko Dereta is a member of the Task Force of the Bratislava Process group initiated by the East West Institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia.

Alexandra-Luminita Petrescu, DSO.   top

Alexandra Luminita Petrescu is the president of the Foundation for Pluralism, a non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting political pluralism, independent media and market economy, which main programs focus on leadership training for young political activists across the Romanian political spectrum.

Since 1996 until 2000 she was the Advisor for Relations with Non-governmental Organisations for President of Romania, Prof. Emil Constantinescu. She was head of the Department for Relations with the Civil Society, and her mission was to ensure an effective communication between the President of Romania and non-governmental organisations from Romania and abroad.

Between 1994/1996 she studied Communications, Public Policy and Non-profit Management as a Hubert Humphrey Fellow at the University of Arizona and Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota. In 1995 she obtained her MBA Certificate in non-profit Management at St.Thomas University in Minneapolis. She is also a Freedom House and a Salzburg Seminar alumnus.

In the United States she was a member of the International Speaker s Bureau, at Minnesota International Centre, University of Minnesota and she was the program director of The Civic Engagement Project at Minnesota Council of Non-profits in St.Paul. She also acted as a member of the Steering Committee and speaker for Young Women in Leadership, a program organised by League of Women Voters of Minneapolis.

In Romania she initiated The Young Political Leaders School, a non-partisan training for political activists, funded by National Endowment for Democracy and Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe (USA).

Alexandra Luminita Petrescu worked as a trainer for US organizations: World Learning Democracy Networking Program, National Democratic Institute, Institute for Democracy in Eastern and Central Europe and for Romanian ones as well: Foundation for Pluralism, CENTRAS.

Her area of expertise includes: leadership skills for nongovernmental organizations, strategic media and media advocacy campaigns, communication skills.

Alexandra Luminita Petrescu is a Grand Officer of the Distinguished Service Order of Romania (DSO).

In 2000 she became Knight of the Danish Order of Dannebrog.

She is also an Honorary Member of "Save the Children-Romania", "SOS Kinderdorff-Romania" and a member of the Advisory Board of the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law.

Module II, May 4 - May 6

Paul Baran 
Functional summary Working to develop democracy networks and assist Romanian trade unions through the difficulties of economic transition, the last two years have given me the background to further develop essential programs necessary for Romania s development.
Employment 1999 - Present Solidarity Center Bucharest, Romania

Project Coordinator

  • Responsible for trade union professional education
  • Coordinate political programs and seminars for trade unionists

January 2001 UNDP Bucharest, Romania

  • Responsible for Social Policy Early Warning Reports
Education 2000 Present University of Bucharest Bucharest, Romania

Industrial and Labor Relations

Masters Student

1992 - 1998 San Francisco State University California

Political Science

Bachelor of Science

Professional memberships President of Pro-Activ: A Romanian association developed to address health and safety issues throughout Romania
Volunteer experience March 1999 February 2000, Internship with the Romanian Presidency, Civil Society Department

Collaborator with the Foundation for Pluralism

Collaborator with Pro-Democracy

Module III, June 8 - June 10

Romeo Cretu 

Romeo Cretu is a human resources consultant for Human Resources Development (HRD). He deals with the company s research and development activity. He builds, adjusts and validates human resources techniques and instruments, develops and delivers training courses and offers consulting services for various companies. He has extensive expertise in the field of project management, change management, leadership, time management, negotiating conflicts, effective communication and efficient delegation. Another area of his expertise is human resources auditing methodology.

Mr. Cretu was the project manager of the EU PHARE project "Human Resources Development Redesigning the management of human resources within the National Energy Distribution Regie Autonome". He was in charge with planning, coordinating and supervising the project s activities and also with holding training courses for the project team, developing the company s mission and values, as well as the company s human resources strategy, policy and procedures. Currently, he has the same tasks within the "Development of human resources strategy of the National Printing House".

Since 1999 Mr. Cretu is delivering lectures on organizational behavior for the MA and post university courses of the Journalism and Communication Sciences Department of the Bucharest University.