Program finantat de
Uniunea Europeana

Case Study Using Aeolian energy in Romania

A project financed through Transition Facilitation - Strengthening the assistance of the civil society in the fight against corruption Program.

The project s implementation period: January 21st - November 19th 2010


ALMA RO Association
Beginning with 2003, ALMA-RO Association is involved in projects which concern:

  • decisional transparency concerning the elaboration, implementation and monitoring of the legislation, especially that which aims at the sustainable development;
  • public policies;
  • ethical management at organizational level;
  • conflict management (including that of public policies disputes);
  • codes of conduct;
  • conflict of interests;
  • good governement.

The Foundation for Pluralism(FfP), a partner in the program, develops since 1994 projects that promote political, cultural and ethnical pluralism, the independent press and market economy. FfP initiates information and awareness campaigns for citizens and politicians concerning the importance of civic participation in the decision making process, nurtures the private civic public partnerships and sustains the training, development and the increase of responsability in Romania s political sector.

The Project s general objective:
Raising the NGOs involvement in minimizing the corruption potential generated by the legislation s elaboration and implementation.

Specific objectives:

  • Improving the nongovernamental organisations capacity of involvement in the elaboration, implementation and monitoring of the legislation, taking into account the diminishment of corruption s potential;
  • The increase of the transparency level in elaborating and implementing the legislation, at a local and national level;
  • The increase of the civil society s involvement in diminishing the level of corruption.

Target groups:

  • Representatives of nongovernmental organizations;
  • Representatives of central public authorities;
  • Representatives of local public authorities;
  • Investors.

The projects main activities:

  • Elaborating the „Legislations Corruptibility: Case study using aeolian energy in Romania Study;
  • Round table „Case study: Barriers encountered in the usage of aeolian energy in Romania (Bucharest, May 20th, 2010);
  • Training for the NGOs (Sinaia, May 27-29th, 2010);
  • Round table „Decisional transparrency in public adiministration and the use of renewable energy ressources in Romania (Bucharest, July 2nd, 2010);
  • Letter of statement - The Corruptibility of Public Policies in Romania s aeolian energy field;
  • Information campaign „ The Legislations Corruptibility;
  • National Conference: „Reducing the risk ofcorruptibility through a better legislation; Case study using aeolian energy (Bucharest, November 9th, 2010);